Popular Trends for Living Room Design

A modern living room in white with wooden floor, some furniture and a statue.We spend a large part of our lives in the living room, the one room in our homes where we tend to spend times as a family. Living room design is therefore a huge factor on how comfortable we’ll feel in that room, and how much time we’ll actually spend in it.

Choose Your Theme

Whatever the size of your living room, you can incorporate clever use of colour and lighting. Even a small room can look much larger with clever tricks like putting a mirror topped table against a wall, or a large mirror over a focal point like a fireplace. Lighting is great for making rooms feel bigger, but also to enhance the overall mood of a room. If you’re going for a contemporary design a crystal chandelier would look out of place, but cleverly placed uplighters and table lamps define your space and create the right ambience. Colour is the basis of your living room design. Your walls will set the tone for the entire room. Pastels are out, but greys are in and there are hundreds of hues. Whites and neutrals are always favourites for contemporary rooms, and vivid wallpaper is perfect for a feature wall.

Create Your Look

Create a contemporary look in living room design with cleverly placed corner sofas and sleek black or metal tables. A cosy, rustic room looks great with a traditionally upholstered sofa and chairs which compliment rather than match your basic wall colours. Shelving and coffee tables where you can store those TV guides and remote controls are great for keeping clutter to a minimum. Bright artwork is great for adding colour to a monochrome room, and if you’re keen on strong colours, instead of drowning everything in one bright shade, how about a turquoise sofa or rug, or red cushions and vases. It’s also nice to make one stand out piece a focal point or feature, a great fireplace or a beautiful antique table, perhaps.
Whatever your personal taste in living room design, keep in mind how much space you have. You want to have enough room for your family to move around and feel comfortable, use space wisely and you’ll have a room you can all enjoy.

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