Decorating Tips for Small Bedrooms

A grey bed transformed into a sofa and two pictures on the wall in a white bedroom.Most of us have one, a smaller bedroom that we’d like to make as spacious looking and comfortable as possible. There are some good decorating tips for small bedrooms which can make quite a difference.

Simple Tricks for Optimum Use of Space

When it comes to small bedrooms, there are three key areas which can really utilise space to the best effect: storage, colour and lighting. Storage is a problem when there’s not much room to play with, so how about under bed storage? Teenagers especially are normally quite keen on the idea of sleeping up high. A platform bed can leave space underneath for a desk or shelving, ideal when too much furniture would clutter your floor space. Divan beds often come with drawers, well worth the extra investment. Otherwise, good shelving along the window wall perhaps, with built in cupboards can look fabulous. Add some cushioned seating on top for a cool window seat, taking away the need for extra chairs. You could also build a day bed along a window wall, which can be transformed into a sofa by day. Light, neutral colours such as whites with a hint of colour, beige, lavender and pale greens make rooms look larger. Avoid dark colours, but if you really had your heart set on deep plum, crimson or midnight blue, choose this for you bedding and accessories instead. Woodwork, unless it’s natural wood, always looks better in white. Coloured skirting boards just draw attention to the perimeter size of the room.

Mirrors and Light

Mirrors are a fantastic way to make small bedrooms look bigger. Strategically placed, they can look like an extra window, adding depth and a feeling of space. Alternatively, try a group of different mirrors on one wall. They reflect light and give a more spacious feel as well as being a great focal point. Lighting makes a massive difference to the perception of space in small bedrooms. A bright bare bulb will only highlight the size of the room. Recessed perimeter lighting or good lamps with dimmer switches can greatly enhance any room. Clever use of lighting such as uplighters, add height, while a chandelier diffuses light. Avoid dark lamp shades as they can make a room feel gloomy and cramped.
Small bedrooms can be a real joy. Use vacuum bags to store items you’re not using to keep clutter down and keep coats and shoes where they should be: elsewhere. The tidier you keep a small room, the roomier it will look and feel.

Picture copyright: Jürgen Fälchle – Fotolia
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